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Royal Academy 2016, climbing the stairs to my map on varnishing day.


1987 Foundation art Mid-Cheshire College UK


My studio

About me 

Hi, and thank you for visiting my website, I am Joanne, an expressionist artist and designer. Originally from the Northwest of England, I relocated to Switzerland in 2007

Whilst my roots lie at a lower altitude in the hedgerows and dairy farms of Cheshire, I overcame my fear of heights for my muse.

The mountains and landscape of Switzerland.

My late father, who fell in love with Switzerland on a school trip to Luzern from England in the mid-1950s and became a painter towards the end of his life, has been a significant influence on my art. Although he passed away when I was very young, his love for capturing landscapes has been passed down to me, and I have been creating and painting for as long as I can remember. I derive inspiration from the sketches, photographs, and experiences, which I gather during my adventures and travels.

I dedicate my days to my paintings, collages, and designs. I usually work on several paintings simultaneously, exploring different ideas and expressions of a particular moment and mood. My work is deeply influenced by Swiss artist Ferdinand Hodler, German expressionist artists like Kirchner and Beckmann, and English landscape painters Turner and Constable, as well as the stories by Heinrich Harrer (The White Spider). These influences have shaped my creativity and inspired me to depict the Swiss Alps in my own style.

Art has been my passion from a very young age, and I pursued it throughout my education, completing my degree in Visual Art BA(Hons) at DeMontfort University in the UK. I regularly exhibit my work in Switzerland, and I have had the honour of being selected twice for the prestigious juried Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London, in 2016 and 2021.

Artist CV

I have a post-grad HNC in multimedia and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons), in Visual Art.

My work is showcased throughout Switzerland and I have been selected and exhibited twice at the prestigious Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London, I have also featured as part of the Bromer Art Exhibition.

  • BA (Hons) Degree in Visual Art, De Montfort University UK 1990 - 93

  • Post Grad Higher National Certificate in Multi-Media and Web Design 

  • ​Art and Design Foundation Course, University entry 12 months. 

  • Diploma of Higher Education in Visual Arts.

  • Intermediate Certificate in Art and Design Ceramics.

  • Digital Art 5-week course Royal Drawing  School London

  • 2024 10-week Amination course, Royal Drawing School London

  • 2013  Founder of Simply Paint and Design, now Artibus.  

  • 2015  Bergwasser, Bromer Art Collection, CH.

  • 2016  Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, London UK

  • 2021  Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, London UK


December 2023

Group Cristmas Exhibition

Kulturhaus Maihof Association
Bahnhofstrasse 25
6403 Küssnach

2023 - Present

Galerie Hiller

Bahnhofstrasse 2,

8703 Erlenbach, Zurich 

2023 - Present

Kunst Kiosk

Galerie Vitrine, Luzern

Stiftstrasse 4, 6006 Luzern

2023 October 

Divulgarti Eventi al Ducale

Piazza Giacomo Matteotti,

16121 Genova GE, Italy

2023 July

The Holy Art Gallery

London, UK.


Dessin, Galerie Vitrine, Lucerne

Stiftstrasse 4, 6006 Lucerne


Group exhibition in Altestadthalle 

Solo Steinhausern, praxis for Homeopathy

Summer 2021

The Royal Academy, Summer Exhibition London (juried)


Jan - September 2021

Migros Golf Zentrum Holzhausern



Atelier Galerie. Baden. 

La Paletta, Flims. 

Galerie Karouzou, Zurich.



Gemeindezentrum Volketswil

Raiffeisen Bank, Meilen

Art Group Zug, Altstadthalle, Zug

30 Jahre GSBM, Kornschütte Luzern 



Villa Meier-Severini, Zollikon, Zurich

Leichtigkeit, Altstadthalle, Zug

GSBM, Galerie KSU,  Stadthaus, 3800 Unterseen



The Royal Academy, Summer Exhibition London (Juried)

Der Gipfel, Seefeld, Zurich 

British Embassy, Bern



Bergwasser, Bromer Art Collection, 

Swiss Landscapes, INA Dederer Gallery, Zurich


2014 and earlier

StafArt14, Stäfa, Zurich, Switzerland

Drawing Exhibition, Lausanne, Switzerland

Gipfelwelten, Grindelwald, Switzerland,

Solo Ascents, AWC, Zurich.

Alpenstein, Appenzell, Switzerland,

Meilen Kreativ, Meilen, Switzerland.

Exhibition in Nothwich 

1993 Degree Exhibition at DMU, Leicester, UK.



32 Hinterbergstrasse

Steinhausern 6312

I am always delighted to welcome guests to my 

workplace and gallery. 


It is my creative nest and a charming space for visitors to view my work and developing pieces and where I teach.


Aspiring artists looking to develop their craft can join me at the studio for one-on-one mentoring.

I guide them to improve their skills and technique and establish their unique artistic identity

If you would like to visit or have an inquiry about mentoring please contact me.

Hinterbergstrasse 32

6312 Steinhausen



Introducing Artibus, my brand-new online store


I am excited to bring you a collection of prints and high-end products inspired by my work and the stunning Swiss landscapes. Artibus reflects my dedication to merging art and nature. On the Artibus website, you'll find a range of carefully crafted items that capture the beauty of Swiss scenery with a touch of creativity. From prints that transport you to the serene Swiss outdoors to other unique products, Artibus is all about sharing our passion for art influenced by the captivating Swiss landscapes. 



I had the opportunity to collaborate with Aurora Events, a company that organizes thrilling retreats in the Swiss Alps. During this collaboration, I shared my expertise and guided a group through the process of landscape painting in San Salvatore, Lugano , Andermatt and Appenzell. 



My art has been fortunate enough to catch the eye of several collectors over the years, ranging from individual art enthusiasts to my primary collector, who has accumulated over 10 of my paintings. I am deeply appreciative and honored to have their support, and I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you all, and a especially to Schneider AG and their staff.

SUS_Logo_pos_auf Grün_CMYK.png

Charitable Work

In my role as a painter, I have had the opportunity to make a difference by supporting various organizations and charities.

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