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Joanne Finnegan


Hi and welcome to a part of my world. 

My name is Joanne, and I am an expressionist artist and designer living in Kanton Zug, Switzerland.


From the earliest days of my life, I've been an Artist, Designer, and Maker (a Cutter upper), pouring my heart and soul into producing distinctive works. With a rich blend of academic and professional art and design experience, I've honed my craft to bring you creations that bring warmth and love in this world where negativity surrounds us on a daily basis. 

My mission is clear: to infuse the world with vibrant hues and boundless love. In a time where negativity can overshadow, my designs emerge as beacons of warmth and affection. Through every stroke and concept, my artwork aims to illuminate your surroundings with positivity, humor, and a sense of my individuality. Welcome to my world where colour and love intertwine to brighten your every moment.


Love this new article written by the Holy Gallery in London UK. here

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Current Exhibitions
Hillersrahmen - Galerie Hiller


32 Hinterbergstrasse

Steinhausern 6312

I am always delighted to welcome guests to my 

studio and gallery. 


It is my creative nest and a charming space for visitors to view my work and developing pieces.


Aspiring artists looking to develop their craft can join me at the studio for one-on-one mentoring.

I guide them to improve their skills and technique and establish their unique artistic identity

If you would like to visit or have an inquiry about mentoring please contact me.

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