From an early age I loved painting,creating and drawing. So now I find myself in his landscape and seeing the mountains, which inspired me.

At school, I was never very academic, quiet and very timid (not sure friends would agree with the quiet part). Languages were my biggest nightmare, still today. But I could paint and that was the way that I learnt to express myself and get the "wow that's good", every child needs to hear. I scrapped through school and college and managed to go to university thanks to a dedicated and strong mother. my future was painting. :-). 

For a long time after my degree, like most graduates you find yourself unable to find your place in the working environment. I worked firstly as a support worker with people with learning disabilities, then in a customer services centre for electronic point of sales machinery. Both interesting and brilliant experiences for helping to shape my future.


Then children arrived...... to save my sanity I enrolled back into college for web-design and multi media, thank goodness I did.  Its with this training and digital understanding that has allowed me to move forward and help myself market my work. 


In 2012, I found myself a single parent, with two boys and living in a foreign country.  

I still paint through the dark times and through the sunny times. I produce my own website and marketed myself as a painter, I created Simply Paint. Slowly with little steps I move forward. I am now moving Simply Paint forward to help others paint through it, to support artists from hobby artist to professional and coaching painters in ways to improve and find their way forward. To share the techniques that I use and help nurse their journey into painting.  

April 2020 all images copyright @Joanne

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