In 2014 I was in a Brockenhaus in Meilen, looking at the books and over published material. I came across a box containing old maps, flicking through I saw the names of places I recognised and mountains which were becoming more important to me. Then the idea of putting my mountains back into their landscapes flashed into my mind. I never knew that this first map (Rotkreuz) would in 12 months lead me to  a new home and to exhibit in The Royal Academy 2016 Open Summer Exhibition. Since then my maps have found homes in various counties,

I now hold all copyright to my maps I produce and if you are interested in either the original or a print please contact me. 

All creative ideas and originals are protected by copyright. 

Do you have your favorite area? New maps are under construction, please contact me for more information.

March 2020 all images copyright @Joanne

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