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Learn with an academically trained artist with over a decade of working with students;


As a professional Artist, I have undergone rigorous years of training and have spent years since childhood honing my craft, developing a deep understanding of the principles, history, and techniques of art. I have worked with other professionals in my field, gaining valuable insights and knowledge I am ready to pass on to my students.

My training, experience, and expertise enable me to offer guidance and constructive criticism based on my own experiences, helping my students to develop their skills and overcome creative challenges. My understanding of the art world provides valuable insight into how to navigate it.

Through decades of working, my passion for my work translates into a deep commitment to teaching and mentoring students. I am dedicated to helping aspiring artists succeed and can provide a unique level of support and encouragement.

Creative mentoring and individual courses designed by me to compliment you:


Developing goals and plans

Critiquing work

Delivering inspiration

Networking and connections

Teaching technical skills

Offering support and motivation

Playful and relaxed environment 

Access to workshops and events 

Is mentoring for you? To manage your unique plan and find out more please contact Joanne 
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Becoming creative, starts with little brush strokes
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